Sanskrit Web
    A. Sanskrit Fonts
1. Transliteration and Devanagari Fonts for Sanskrit
2. Fonts and Technical Manuals for Itranslator
    B. Sanskrit Texts
1. Rigveda (Devanagari edition with svara marks)
2. Yajurveda (Devanagari texts with svara marks)
3. Samaveda (Devanagari texts with svara marks)
4. Other Sanskrit Documents (Reverse Dictionaries, etc.)
5. Sanskritweb für Deutsche (Sanskritweb for Germans)
    C. Various Topics
1. Apple II Plus Nostalgia (Peeker Magazine Disk Files)
2. James Hadley Chase (Bibliography of Chase Books)
3. Font Forging Industry (Reports for Legal Authorities)
4. Bücher über das Verlagswesen (Buchkalkulation u.a.)
5. De Roberto volante fabula (Eduard Bornemann)
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