Which font forging company forged Paul Renner's "Futura" and sold it as "Fotura"?
Answer: Paul Renner's "Futura" was forged by Linotype - The Source of the Forgeries:


Besides the above "Futura" forgery named "Fotura", the Linotype font forging company run by forger Bruno Steinert also made a second "Futura" forgery named "Spartan" and also a third "Futura" forgery named "Tempo". All three forgeries are declared as "Originals" by forger Bruno Steinert. In addition, Linotype also made the non-original clone named "Futura". This "nefarious and evil knock-off clone" (Steinert) can be easily recognized by the umlaut capitals "ÄÖÜ":

Linotype clone "Futura"
(see also "Fotura", "Spartan", "Tempo")
Original "Futura" by Paul Renner
(see also this old "Futura" specimen here).

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur! This Latin principle of gullibility applied by forgers explains why the idiots who buy Linotype fonts can be easily tricked by forger Steinert into believing that the forgeries "Fotura", "Spartan", "Tempo", "Futura" etc. are the "Originals" of the self-proclaimed "Source of the Originals". The idiots who bought these expensive Linotype forgeries would be surprised to learn that the cheap one-cent-per-font collection 1.800 Schriften für Windows contains a clone of Paul Renner's "Futura" with the original "ÄÖÜ" umlauts. In a press-release, font forger Bruno Steinert wrote: "I am determined to use every legal means at our disposal to ensure that publishers and distributors no longer make profits from stealing our products." Does font forger Bruno Steinert think that the Franzis publishing outfit is stealing the forgeries made by the Linotype font forging outfit?

There are other forgeries of Paul Renner's typeface. For example, the Monotype font forging company sells a "Futura" forgery named "Twentieth Century". This forgery made by forger Sol Hess is also sold by Lanston with this absurd explanation: "This sans serif (i.e. the forgery "Twentieth Century") was designed to fill the gaping hole left by the ever so successful Futura." Imagine, a car thief explains in court: "This car was stolen by me to fill the gaping hole in my garage."

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